In the fall of 2010, the AOL Artists 25 for 25 program awarded me a grant for Sites of Memory, a map-based digital memorial project meant to reattach memories of the dead to specific locations within New York City.  It includes a website, live events, podcasts, and walking tours for smartphones.

The project explores fascinating but forgotten tales embedded in the urban environment of New York. Users browse a map and collect marked points of interest (each with a text, an image, and an associated audio file), download tours to their smartphones, and visit sites of memory throughout the city while listening to audio narration by Kurt Andersen, Lewis H. Lapham, and Luc Sante

I wrote and researched all the content and images, wrote scripts for the walking tours, conducted interviews, edited the audio files, and worked with the designers at CWT to develop the desktop and mobile sites.

The next phase of Sites of Memory will allow users to upload their own memorial tributes to create a personalized interactive archive of remembrance.